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Akash Ganga

Project Akash Ganga
Her basic philosophy – visibility, awareness and accountability, towards social and environment awareness to create physical and perhaps virtual community to support her effort and spread across world. William Sharp has rightly mentioned: “… producing a citizenry that is knowledgeable concerning the biophysical environment and its associated problems, aware of how to help solve these problems, and motivated to work toward their solution.”
Project Akash Ganga – Plantation Drive
While helping other organizations for environment protection, plantationSoni Singh started the plantation drive under Project Akash Ganga to protect environment by planting as much tree as possible. She was very much agree with MP R. N. Singh philosophy is that “One plant can save 100 lives”. If everyone plant one tree in his or her life, this world will be much better place to live and will be giving healthy world to our future generation.
 Under Project Akash Ganga, the drive started from Bihar with 100 plants and the motivation is to plant as many plant as possible across the world.
Project Akash Ganga – Ray of Hope  
Under Ray of Hope Banner, Soni Singh Organization supports other organization for environmental and social cause. She is providing the support to BlueMind and The Ocean Foundation to protect ocean. Also provides support to Bihar Blind School and Astha Manav Sewa Sansthan for socially deprived school. She also works closely with Lions Club of Bihar for different social causes.
Event Photos
Plantation Drive #1
Plantation Drive #2
Plantation Drive #3
Ray of Hope #1
Ray of Hope #2
Ray of Hope #3
Ray of Hope #4