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About Soni Singh

Soni Singh, social & environment activist, Founder & President iRESlab, inc . Prior to iRESlab Soni was Co-founder and President of Cateleya Software, Inc. and Founder Loogato, Inc, an IT staffing and consulting company. Actively sponsors different organization to spread awareness and help in education for socially deprived children. Soni Singh initiated Akash Ganga Project for environment and social causes. She also sponsored multiple projects like BlueMind project to study the impact of brain’s interrelationship with this ocean planet. She is the regular contributor of Blue Angel projects and local communities to help children across the world for education, hunger and good living.
Her basic philosophy – visibility, awareness and accountability, towards social and environment awareness to create physical and perhaps virtual community to support her effort and spread across world. William Sharp has rightly mentioned:

“… producing a citizenry that is knowledgeable concerning the biophysical environment and its associated problems, aware of how to help solve these problems, and motivated to work toward their solution.”

Sonisingh.org sponsors the individual small projects in India for educations for children and help organization that helps old age citizen. Apart from that Sonisingh.org also organizes or sponsor events for spreading social and environmental awareness. The motivation behind starting Sonisingh.org was bring business, people and social issues together and create a work force to spread the awareness and also work together to create eco-friendly earth for healthy and sustainable community. She wants to motivate all employees and their families to actively participate along with her for this noble cause.

Soni Singh actively sponsored multiple projects and event organized by Dr. Wallace for BlueMind2 and Blue Angel.

Sonisingh.org has organized many event in different part of world to spread environmental awareness across young generation capable of making changes to create eco-friendly environment. Sonisingh.org is committed to facilitate progressive change in areas of education, poverty and ecological restoration. We incubate projects that will eventually make a cultural impact by creating progressive change. Our projects provide constructive innovations at grassroots levels and also long-term transformation environmentally sustainable world.